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What’s the story behind the Challenge?

The Century Business Challenge is a unique opportunity for one lucky entrepreneur to realize the dream of a new or expanded business in Century. While many new businesses struggle with startup costs, overhead expenses, and the details of actually managing a business, the Century Business Challenge exists to help the winning entrepreneur navigate those challenging waters on the journey to success and profitability.

Leading the Challenge effort is the University of West Florida Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development. The Haas Center is a research and consulting arm of the University of West Florida that engages in applied research and strategy development in economics and across the social sciences. The Haas Center has played a prominent role in economic development efforts across the Northwest Florida Region and around the state for the past two decades. The Challenge is part of an economic development agreement between the Town of Century and the Haas Center.

If you ever wanted to start a business or expand your existing business, now is the time. Join the Challenge! Sign up today to learn more or download an application and start our new entrepreneurial future!


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